Brown Sugar Cafe
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  A01. Brown Sugar Fresh Rolls  
  Special fresh rolls filled with shrimp, shredded carrots, cucumbers, fresh lettuce and sweet basil leaves. Served with House Special Turnip Sauce topped with crushed peanuts. Available vegetarian.
  A02. Thai Spring Rolls  
  Popular crispy spring rolls with vegetables, chicken, chopped scallions and coriander. Served with House Special Turnip Sauce. Available vegetarian.
  A03. Satay Chicken or Satay Beef  
  Charcoal grilled chicken or beef on bamboo skewers. Served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.
  A04. Thai Ravioli  
  A delightful Thai style ravioli with shrimp and pork. Served with House Ginger Sauce. Available Steamed or Fried.
  A05. Tod Mun *  
  Minced shrimp mixed with Thai spices fried until golden brown. Served with cucumber sauce topped with crushed peanuts.
  A06. Stuffed Wings  
  Golden fried boneless chicken wings with stuffing of seasoned minced chicken, vegetables and Thai herbs. Served with House Sweet Chili Sauce.
  A07. Brown Sugar Spareribs  
  Charcoal grilled pork ribs lightly glazed with chef's special sauce.
  A08. Cozy Shrimp  
  Delicate whole shrimp spring rolls with House sweet chili sauce.
  A09. Steamed Mussels  
  Green shell mussels steamed in aromatic herbs and white wine. Served in a clay pot with sweet & sour chili dipping sauce.
  A10. Soft Shell Crab Tempura  
  A delightful Thai style tempura with sweet chili sauce.
  A11. Shrimp Tempura  
  A delightful Thai style tempura with sweet chili sauce.
  A12. Vegetable Tempura  
  A delightful Thai style tempura with sweet chili sauce.
  A13. Tofu Triangles  
  Golden fried tofu served with sweet & sour sauce and crushed peanuts.
  A14. Shumai  
  Homemade Shumai, filled with shrimp and vegetables. Served with House Ginger Sauce.
  A15. Crab Rangoon  
  Homemade Wonton filled with cream cheese,chopped crab meat and pickle. Served with sweet & sour sauce.
  A16. Golden Triangles  
  Crispy triangular vegetable spring rolls with House Sweet & Sour Sauce.
  A17. Na-Tang  
  Minced pork and shrimp simmered in a sauce of coconut milk, garlic and crushed peanuts with crispy jasmine rice.
  A18. Combo Platter  
  A platter of chicken and beef satay, spring rolls, vegetable rolls, cozy shrimp, tofu triangles, golden triangles, ravioli and sparerib.
  A19. Koo Chaii - Chive Dumpling  
  Vegetarian Chive Dumpling with House Special ginger sauce. Steamed or Fried.
  A20. Scallion Pancakes  
  Vegetarian scallion Homemade Style-fried. Served with ginger sauce.